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April showers bring May…

May can bring whatever it wants, and I will be eternally grateful.  So far, April is a metaphorical downpour of tedious school work. This has not been the norm for my semester, which has been full of American Idol, office hours, and friends.  When asked what it’s like to be back, I smile, look to … Continue reading

In 2010, I discovered the internet.

Alright, so I knew it existed for quite some time before that.  But I do thank 2010 for the best year of internet explorations yet.  Recently, I’ve become completely addicted to Pinterest, an online haven for aesthetically minded people.  Photographs, fine art, clothes, architecture…you name it.  This young website allows you to document your findings. … Continue reading

I love Gwyneth

Everywhere I turn, I see Gwyneth Paltrow. Granted, it’s probably because I’m loyal devotee of GOOP, her blogesque website, comprised of places she loves, people she meets, foods she eats, and things she does. She is popping up other places, though.  The CMA’s, a new movie about country music, GLEE.  If you’re not already acquainted … Continue reading

“Hey daddy, I have a question”

My dad does not call himself a patient or tolerant person.  When I was little, I would beg to go golfing with him.  We’d leave the house by 7:30 a.m. for a much anticipated 8 a.m. tee time.  First and second holes…fun.  Third hole…”Dad, I’m doing fine, stop correcting me.”  Fourth hole…”Anna, you’ve been looking at the … Continue reading